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Episode 122

TTB 122: TAT Becoming a Backpacker

TTB 122: TAT Becoming a Backpacker

On this episode of the Travel Around Table, the group discusses:

(03:25): We open up strong with budgeting recommendations (or lack thereof)!

(08:55): Amanda and Ryan get into their long history of backpacking around the world. 

(24:15): We discuss some of the best ways you can ensure your trip is meaningful. 

(37:11): We take a deep dive into the planning aspect of backpacking abroad. 

(47:12): We get into work/travel balance for long term travel as a digital nomad. 

Remember to check out our guests and the incredible travel information they provide!

  • Jule and Christine:
  • Amanda and Ryan:

Thank you for listening! 

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