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Episode 118

TTB 118: TAT 004 - Is Social Media Killing Travel?

On this episode of the Travel Around Table, the group discusses:

  • (03:45): Is the age of the adventurer/explorer all but gone? 
  • (06:40): Has social media killed the opportunity for people to experience travel without outside opinion? 
  • (13:26): Are people traveling for the perfect picture and not for the experience? 
  • (39:00): “Quit Your Job and Make Millions Traveling the World!!” - Is this legit? 
  • (57:55): Elliot’s Hoorah Question: As travel content creators, what is the one thing you want to instill into your following? 

Remember to check out our guests and the incredible travel information they provide!

  • Jeff Jenkins:
  • Leah Arao:
  • Ariel Rose:
  • Keshler Thibert:

Thank you for listening! 

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