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Episode 112

TTB 112: Achieving Location Independence

Amanda & Ryan are the hosts of The World Wanderers podcast. They are both originally from Western Canada, but fell in love with traveling on their first big backpacking trip around the world in 2011. Since then, they have traveled all over the world together! In 2016, Amanda & Ryan took their work online so that they could travel more full-time and more sustainably. They’ve been digital nomads ever since, and although Canada will always be home, they have now lived in places like Bali, Mexico, the United States, and Panama. They created The World Wanderers as a way to share their travel adventures with other people, to encourage and inspire other people to get out and see the world, and to have great conversations with like-minded people. 

Inside the Episode:

  • (04:50): Amanda starts us off to their first backpacking trip back in 2011 as a gap year between college and the corporate world. 
  • (27:50): We get into the costs associated with Vagabonding vs. living in the US and how you can sometimes save money being a Digital Nomad working in a foreign country. 
  • (30:22): Imagine making an average US salary of $60,000, but living in Chiang Mai, San Jose, or Oaxaca where your total monthly living expenses may only come to $2,000 USD. What would you do with the extra income? This is what is enticing more and more young people to work online - opening the doors to a more financially and location independent lifestyle. The #newrich VG-Salary
  • (49:00): Being a Digital Nomad does not mean you get to travel worry free! It’s a common misconception that those with location independence are never working (blame social media). The truth is, it can be a brutal and exhausting balance of work and travel. Digital Nomads typically spend a majority of their day sitting behind a laptop cranking out work just to enjoy a few hours in the evening abroad. So disregard those ads pretending that you can make “a gazillion dollars while traveling abroad” and realize that in order to be location independent - you're going to have to work, hard. VG
  • (1:10:57): Rapid Fire Round! 

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