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Episode 111

TTB 111: Into the Amazon

Scott Lite was trained as an herbalist at the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism in September 2011. Scott is an associate of the Botanical Preservation Corps and was on the 2010 expedition to Peru collecting seeds and information on medicinal, edible, and sacred plants throughout the Andes. In 2010 Scott opened the Ethnobotanical Conservation Organization or EthnoCO which is a company based in Peru that leads expeditions and sells cultural wares.

Inside the Episode:

  • (09:03): There are certain things you need to know before you go into the Amazon. Scott breaks down the dangers for us.
  • (17:08): Scott tells an incredible story of what NOT to do in the Amazon Jungle… don’t mess with the venomous snakes. Luckily this story ended with a happy ending. 
  • (29:04): Scott walks us through the jungle tours he provides through his guide company, Ethno Botanical Co. 
  • (41:05): We hear about Scott’s tours to visit local tribespeople within the Amazon Jungle.
  • (54:20): Scott breaks down some of the tours he offers in the remote Andes Mountains, trying the local cuisine, staying in the local village, and learning about textiles and culture.

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