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Episode 127

TTB 127: February Travel Bites w/ Bob and Elliot

In this episode we discuss some of the recent travel related news we found interesting or relevant over the month of February. We break down our favorite different news articles, including: 

  1. Travel To Europe Could Pick Up Significantly By Summer
  2. Delta will block middle seats through April as competitors continue to fill planes
  3. Bipartisan Hospitality and Commerce Bill Gains Support of Travel Industry
  4. The Race To Create a Global Digital COVID-19 Passport Is On
  5. Airline CEOs Set for White House Meeting on Carbon Footprint
  6. CDC is not recommending a Covid-19 test requirement before domestic travel
  7. Planning to go camping this spring or summer? Think about booking your spot now
  8. Plane passengers' terror as mid-air 'explosion' causes bits of jet to fall out of sky
  9. It is time to end extractive tourism
  10. BLACK HISTORY MONTH: These 9 memorials trace the global impact of slavery
  11. Electric Planes
  12. Mars Missions 

Coming up for the month of March!! 

  • Jeanette Ceja on cultural inclusivity within the travel industry 
  • Charlie Hammerton on overcoming homelessness and mental health awareness through travel 
  • Carolene Méli, Experience Strategist on how to have the perfect travel experience 
  • The Travel Around Table Discussion: Cultural Appropriation 

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