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Episode 107

Published on:

12th Oct 2020

TTB 107: The Philly Guide

Keshler Thibert is a Philadelphia native and member of Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides, a member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and a contributing writer with Hidden Philadelphia. Today we talked about the tours he offers in Philadelphia, general Philadelphia history, and of course FOOD!

Inside the Episode:

  • (6:30): We introduce Keshler and start with the history of Philadelphia and several ways you can enjoy touring the city. 
  • (10:54) Come to Philly because this is where Ben Franklin got drunk! Keshler breaks down some of the interesting history of our hometown.
  • (12:43): Philly is more than just cheesesteaks. Although we love them (and do them better than anywhere else) our hometown is deeply diverse. As a result, our food scene offers residents and tourists alike to divulge in a variety of cuisine beyond the staples like cheesesteak and pretzels. 
  • (18:39): We get into the great cheesesteak discussion! Where do you go for the perfect cheesesteak while visiting Philadelphia? 
  • (32:11): Listen to the man! Come to Philly and try a real cheesesteak. If you buy the “Philly Cheesesteak” in Alabama, Kentucky, California, or New York - we have news for ya, you did not have a Philly Cheesesteak. You have to come to the City of Brotherly Love for the real deal, and with The Travelers Blueprint you can tour with our man Keshler when you do!
  • (34:33): We are a city of flavor! And that’s not just in reference to the food. Philadelphia is culturally diverse and has some of the best things about being a big city while still maintaining that slower paced community vibe.
  • (41:12): Keshler breaks down the off the beaten path neighborhoods in Philadelphia and the history associated with each area.
  • (53:37): Keshler tells us about his favorite tours that he offers, which often provide explicit historical detail beyond anything you’d read in your average history book! We love it, and it’s for this reason Keshler joined The Travelers Blueprint as a Philly Guide!
  • 1:04:29: Rapid Fire Questions

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