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Episode 103

TTB 103: Animals Using Drugs

He was trained as an herbalist at the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism in September 2011. Scott is an associate of the Botanical Preservation Corps and was on the 2010 expedition to Peru collecting seeds and information on medicinal, edible, and sacred plants throughout the Andes. In 2010 Scott opened the Ethnobotanical Conservation Organization or EthnoCO which is a company based in Peru that leads expeditions and sells cultural wares.

Inside the Episode:

  • Dolphins...oh dolphins. What’s not to love, right? Scott tells us, dolphins in Peru have been spotted to have intimate relationships with men in the area. I am going to leave the remainder of this caption up to your imagination, but if you’re looking for more information - then you’ll want to tune into our podcast.
  • Animals of higher intelligence (think primates and mammals) have been observed to seek drugs and sex for pleasure. Why? That’s exactly what we sought to learn on our podcast with Scott, the ethnobotanist and close friend of The Travelers Blueprint.
  • Lemurs in Madagascar have been observed to seek out a very peculiar millipede. They play with it, lick it, and then rub it all over their body. Why? To get high. The chemical reaction creates an enjoyable psychoactive experience for the animal. However, what researchers have found is that unbeknownst to the lemurs, their little benders are saving their lives. The chemicals in the millipede also acts as a potent insecticide, saving these lemurs from the numerous deadly viruses and bacteria spread through other insect bites. So, the bloodline of the lemurs on this unique African island nation may depend on their drug induced rock star lifestyle. Life, uh, finds a way. 
  • You know what’s scarier than jaguars? Jaguars on Ayahuasca….that’s right. As Scott explains this is actually one of the old tales on how the ancient inhabitants of Peru discovered this spiritual vine.
  • Ethno-zoopharmacognosy! It's a word. It’s when people use animals for medicinal purposes, or as Scott puts it “bugs as drugs”! Sometimes, as you hear doesn't always go as planned. Say no to bugs as drugs! 

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