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Episode 100

TTB 100: The Roman Guy

Brandon Shaw is the Co-Founder of one of Italy’s most popular tour companies, The Tour Guy/The Roman Guy. From how to navigate the city, where to grab a slice of pizza, to where to stock up on the best wine, Brandon was able to provide us with detailed information on the how, when, and where for all things Rome. 

Inside the Episode:

  • Rome Tip of the Day: Once you arrive in Roma Termini, take the subway straight to the Colosseum. The view of the Colosseum as you come out from the subway will be a jaw dropping introduction to the ancient city.
  • Did you know the Colosseum was equipped with elevators? They’d carry up exoctic animals and gladiators up to fight for the entertainment of the city….Are you not ENTERTAINED!! 
  • Our idea going into this conversation with Brandon was to create a “one stop shop” conversation on everything and anything you can do in Rome. From the Colosseum, to his favorite slice of pizza, to the wine. 
  • As a longtime resident of Rome, Brandon recommended the neighbor of Monteverde to get off the beaten path. A 15-minute train ride outside you can grab a bite to eat, “as the Romans do”. 
  • The very informative Brandon Shaw, Co-Founder of The Tour Guy was able to provide us with an overwhelming amount of logistical information for those visiting Rome. Whether it’s your first time ever visiting Italy, or the 10th, check out our conversation with him and let us know what you learned! Grazie 
  • The Tour Guy has thoughtful interactive tours for young children, so you, the super cultured parent can enjoy the architecture, statues, and museums. Incorporating scavenger 

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