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TTB 097: July Travel Bites W Bob And Elliot

In this episode we discuss some of the recent travel related news we found interesting or relevant over the month of July. We break down our favorite different news articles, including: Anyone else crossing their fingers for a season 2 of Zac Efron’s netflix show Down to Earth? Things we learned: Water Sommeliers exist, you can cook bread in volcanic sand using geothermal energy, and apparently Zac Efron has a dad bod - which means there is absolutely no hope for the rest of us. This was important to go over on the podcast this week. There are still so many unknown processes, not just for passengers, but for the airlines themselves as it relates to handling the potential spread of COVID-19. The research is still underway on the mysterious elephant deaths in Botswana. As stated in the article and discussed on our podcast, “Our main attention ... is now on investigating broader environmental factors such as naturally produced toxins from bacteria that are found in the environment, such as water bodies.” We will keep an eye on this story and hopefully bring you an answer next month. We break down the list of the countries US citizens can visit (As of 7.31.2020) Up This Month: Andrew Tyree- from Coast to Costa on Oaxaca, Mexico Igor Scampion - Behind the Scenes of Venice Brandon Shaw - The Roman Guy Michael Hilliard- A war time traveler

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