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Episode 77

TTB 077: January Travel Bites w/ Bob and Elliot

On this episode we discuss some of the recent travel related news we found interesting or relevant over the month of January. We break down our favorite different news articles, including:

Before you travel we highly recommend checking out the US Department of State’s travel advisory. Although it does appear that CoronaVirus is a major concern for those hanging out in the US, please take these warnings seriously if you plan on visiting countries that may not have medical facilities to the standard of the US. Safe travels everyone!

The Australian wildfires are still burning in some areas. Although less severe than reported earlier this month, people are continuing to lose homes, land, and are attempting to recover what they can. If able, you can donate directly to this cause through the link in our IG profile.

People are the worst. When you have to jump through hoops to visit attractions around the world, remember that all these regulations are put in place because of people like this.

“We came out and we were playing, and the airplane was outside and we thought it was rain, but then we knew it was throwing gas on us, and everybody started to run,” one 11-year-old Park Avenue Elementary School sixth grader told the paper. “

Philly Philly. After being ranked among @natgeo top cities to visit in 2020, the Philly tourism board is ramping up efforts to attract visitors. However, the target demographic for these efforts wasn’t what we expected. Boomers are being eyed up by the tourism board as the ones most willing to spend their money around the city.

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We came up with the name "The Travelers Blueprint" for two main reasons:
To provide information for you to draft your own itineraries or how to begin a career that takes you all over the world.
We both have backgrounds in engineering, architecture, or the environment, so we though a blueprint was an apt title to describe our intentions and end goal.

Why We Do It:
We both recently settled down with our careers and families, and can no longer live the nomadic lifestyle we both still crave. The solution to satisfy our overwhelming wanderlust is this podcast where we get to sit down with savvy travelers, globetrotters, conservationists, nature-lovers, or any other travel enthusiasts to peer into their inspiring lives. By listening to these fascinating individuals, we vicariously live through their experiences, and in turn share them with you.

You will hear the personal stories of extraordinary people who have “been there and done that”. Our guests share their unique wisdom and unpack valuable advice on how to plan your trip, what to do once you get there, and how to make sure you head back home (or not) with memories that will last a lifetime. Each episode’s discussion will range from a particular location, to discussing a travel-oriented project or conservation effort, and everything in between.

Occasionally, we take a break from hosting guests, and you will get the opportunity to listen to us divulge our own travel ideas and travel experiences, or maybe just exchange our thoughts on travel methods. Although we have similar worldviews and travel ideologies, you will quickly learn that we also have some very different travel expectations.

Tune in each week, and discover something new about the world, the fascinating cultures buried within, and learn how to draft your own journey from those who have traveled before you!