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25th Sep 2020

TAT 002: Travel Safety

On this episode of the Travel Around Table, the group discusses:

  • Our biggest concerns when it comes to your safety abroad. 
  • Do men have it easier when it comes to solo travel over women? 
  • Our favorite tips and tricks that help us be safer travelers. 

(4:00): Is it harder to travel solo as a man or woman? 

(22:30): The group discusses travel insurance 

(38:30): We discuss general travel safety tips

(48:10): Elliot’s Hoorah Question: What is the safest form of travel that you prefer to take? 

Remember to check out our guests and the incredible travel information they provide!

  • Jeff Jenkins:
  • Leah:
  • Ariel Rose:
  • Keshler Thibert:
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